Our Story


The most crucial aspect of your dog's health is the diet that he is fed. It needs to be balanced, nutritious, and, above all, loved by your four-legged friend. Rollover also believes that your dog's food should be all-natural with real meat as the first ingredient.  Feeding your dog a healthy, balanced diet will help to ensure his health, energy and overall well-being are at their optimum levels.

Rollover Premium Pet Food is proud to be the original North American producer of all-natural, semi-soft dog food rolls. One of Rollover's owners emigrated from New Zealand and brought with her the recipe for the original Beef and Lamb & Rice rolls – ones that had been used extensively in NZ to feed working dogs. She was amazed by these dogs' energy levels, stamina and overall health and believed that the Canadian market was ready for a healthier, non-kibble dog food. In 1988, Rollover Premium Pet Food Ltd. was created.

Rollover dog food rolls have ALWAYS had a high quality protein, real meat, as the first ingredient and have never had any artificial flavours or colours. We source the ingredients for all of our dog food rolls from human-grade facilities in Canada and New Zealand and have NEVER use rendered materials, bone meal, soy, fillers or risk materials in any of our products.

Interest in our premium, all-natural, semi-soft dog food rolls quickly became apparent and Rollover expanded its product line to include Chicken and Turkey rolls. Following this, Rollover expanded into the all-natural treats line and continues to bring new and unique items to the marketplace, including our Super Premium line of wheat-free dog food rolls as well as our new Meaty Bones and Stuffed Beef Trachea.

Rollover products are manufactured and warehoused in a 32,000 square foot facility in High River, Alberta, Canada. Our pet products are of the highest quality, with stringent control checks throughout each process, resulting in our annual excellent rating from the American Institute of Baking (AIB).

Rollover is moving from the AIB audit and recently reached its GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) benchmark through the BRC Food Level certification. This benchmarking is used to ensure that the food provided to stores is of the highest quality and prepared in a clean, safe environment. Rollover is very pleased to have taken this step so that our customers know our production facilities meet the very high standards required by the GFSI.

brc food certified